Who Are You?

Okay, I was spelunking the stats application for my website, and I have to say, some of you people are quite odd. Someone actually found my site by searching the keywords “bob marley belly button rings” over at msn.

And I also discovered hits from places like California (a massive number of hits in fact), Taiwan, Israel, and other places. Now, I know the hits misattributed as coming from “North Korea” are accounted for by my own visits to the site, and by those of some friends and students in Korea. I know of a few people in Virginia, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Ontario, and so on who also probably account for the visits from those places.

But I also realize I don’t know the vast majority of you who are visiting my website. I’d like to take this chance to invite you, even if you normally don’t comment on such things, to please go ahead and leave a short comment introducing yourself, saying how you found out about this site, or even just saying hi.

PLEASE?!?!? I’m dying of curiosity… Thanks in advance!

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