Earthstation5: Palestinian P2P


Here we go. I’ve been expecting this for a while, though I guess I was imagining it would be in Turkish Cyprus or maybe Uzbekistan. Where’s the best place to run a P2P system from? To launch the updates and administrate the whole thing? Why, from somewhere where the lawyers and suits daren’t go. Napster had reappeared as a for-pay network? Pbbbbbbt. No, no no, they have it all wrong. See Earthstation5:

We’re in Palestine, in a refugee camp,” said Ras Kabir, the service’s co-founder. “There aren’t too many process servers that are going to be coming into the Jenin refugee camp. We’ll welcome them if they do.

Of course, it depends what all those Turks and Chinese are gonna be sharing. Still, it’s interesting, and exciting to see those who are using the fact they’re neglected by laws that supposed are to protect us, to fight against the system that uses those laws for profit.

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