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This only amused me just because the English is funny. Come on, admit it. It is. This is what I get for searching for Korean fonts with an English-language keyword search.

The company as a specialty in the development of fonts makes the Hangeul, which is the most pride of the Korean culture, to be used with a computer as well as digital equipment. And the aesthetic/functional sense of each font makes the users have the pride themselves on the Hangeul. The company will keep and develop the highest level of study ability on the digital area. With self-confidence and a sense of duty on the development of the Hangeul fonts, the company will develop the digital font of the Hangeul.

Heh. Yes, I know Koreans are proud of Hangeul, and with good reason; it’s actually a lot easier to spell with, and equipped with an immediately graspable logic that our own Western alphabetical script doesn’t offer the beginning speller, because it’s so systematic and much closer to being phonetical (as is laid out in the page linked to just previously). Regardless of the archaeological wonders present in the OED, it’s easier for a beginning to spell in Hangeul.

But the writing on this page. It’s funny. Because it’s bad! It’s not as bad as my Korean, but it is funny. Anyway… I need to go find some fonts. So off I go!

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