Teen Girls Magazine Bible?!?!?

ABCNEWS.com : A Cosmo-Style Makeover for the Bible?

Okay, this is just bizarre. Found it on Adam’s site, the oft-recommended a violently executed plan. (Thanks Adam!)

Revolve is, we are told, some kind of adaptation of Christian scripture. We are amused, horrified, but at least not quite at a loss for words…

I understand translating the Bible into the vernacular, of course, and I suppose that for people who adhere to the Christian faith a modern-English translation would be handy (though somewhat lacking in the poetry that makes us literature geeks return to the King James Bible time after time). But when you start translating the Bible into pop culture language, I start to think you’re admitting a degree of loss. Which isn’t a huge problem to me, since I think fundamentalist Christianity could probably benefit from the secularizing influence of mainstream pop culture. But I don’t see how the people who translated this can fail so obviously to see that in this particular adaptation of their scripture, they’re really likely to translate so much as to lose the original message… which, as I recall from my cathechism was centered on a profoundly anti-materialist, nonconformist, and rather basic religious message unreconcilable with this pop culture stuff. Then again, most of the values of the mainstream are pretty far from this kind of antimaterialist, nonconformist way of living, too.

Still, I have to wonder if the people who designed this thought about what other extraneous messages they are communicating here. Hmmmm. The dating quiz at the article I linked to is worth a look, definitely. I am trying hard not to keep my eyebrow permanently raised.

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