Christopher Hitchens on Diets and Dieting

Christopher Hitchens has a wonderful little piece about diets and dieting in the Mirror. Here’s a taste:

THERE’S an old conundrum, familiar to those who have viewed the clientele of health-food restaurants.

Did these people always look so pale and ill and scrawny and pustular? Or was it the nut cutlets and prune juice and special grains that made them that way?

In other words, which came first, the chicken or the egg – and which one would you be better advised to drop from your own intake?

The question is an important one because, if people stop asking it, there is a grave danger of emaciation in the wallets of unscrupulous doctors and the bank accounts of opportunist publishers – both of whom have grown unhealthily fat on selling books to people who want to see less of themselves.

He brings up a wonderful point about the famed Dr. Atkins diet… that nobody is talking about all the warnings regarding kidney damage that could result, as you’re basically urinating all that weight loss out. Nope, nobody I know ever mentions that. Why? Because it’s a big business, damaging people in exchange for their money and temporary change in their appearance.

Me, I’ll stick to red wine and Korean food and swimming… once I can get my professor card, that is. Ah, and of course all that walking I do here.

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