Another Darwin Award Nominee (well, if he keeps at this…)

Yoga is no defense against sharks. That’s right. I know. It’s unbelievable. Thanks for breaking this shocking news, Adam.

As if it weren’t self evident. No, this “scientist” learned the hard way:

Tv cameras have captured the agonising moment when a 350lb bull shark attacked a man convinced yoga would protect him from one of nature’s most dangerous predators. The shark’s razor-sharp teeth tore a chunk out of scientist Erich Ritter’s leg as he stood in waters off a Bahamian beach that had been heavily baited with fish parts, it was revealed yesterday.

He had persuaded himself that special breathing techniques would safeguard him from an attack… He practised yoga to reduce his heartbeat when swimming with sharks to make them believe he was a fellow predator and not prey.

There’s more. Massive blood loss. A lot learned. An amused world. Please, someone, fill out the Darwin Award application for this guy now. Save yourself the inevitable paperwork.

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