What’s Your Soul Worth?

Well, I am embarassed. I got my soul’s purity rated over at We Want Your Soul and apparently my soul purer than 84% of the rest of the world, and is therefore worth £43,808. I’d rather it was a little less pure. Gotta work harder, I guess. Thanks for the link, Adam.

By the way, yes, I am still ill. But I’ve been sleeping on-and-off (mostly on) since Friday night, and it’s early Sunday morning and my body’s had enough of the bed. Just finishing a toddie and I’ll go back to sleep, this time on the floor.

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Soul Worth?

  1. Hi..~ Gord

    Are you Ok? how do you feel ? Have you been to hospital ? you gotta see a doctor…if you still feel sick. Sorry there is not so much thing I can do for ya but hoping you get better soon. take care.

  2. I got 84% too. Although, in the OTHER direction. Meaning that 84% of people have a purer soul than I do. So I’m worth a measly ?,146. Feel better, k?

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