Anthrax? Al-Qaida? Anybody?

It seems to me that the only result of all those ostensible investigations into the Anthrax scare a couple of years ago was to wreck the life of one bioweapons expert named Hatfill. While all of America has been staring at Iraq, either swelled with idiotic patriotic pride, burning with hatred, or staring in frustration, nobody’s been paying attention to the fact nobody knows what’s happened with the Anthrax mailers. Or bin Laden, who is alive and probably hiding out in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The War on Terrorism seems to be more of a War on Memory, if you ask me.

2 thoughts on “Anthrax? Al-Qaida? Anybody?

  1. You got the correct point when you said “The War on Terrorism seems to be more of a War on Memory.” While Americans’ collective memory of 9/11 decays over time, once high-profile issue disappeared all of a sudden. No further investigation or no reasonable answers. No wonder 20 percent of Germas think of the conspiracy theories seriously nowadays.

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