It’s Aliiiiive!!!

Well, I think the worst is actually past. I still feel pretty much like the fellow in the picture, but I am alive, and that’s a relief. I got about 8 hours of conscious time this weekend, from Friday at 9pm until Monday at 7am, and the fever seems to have passed. I’m still low on voice, weak and shaky, and my joints all ache. Thank goodness I figured out how to turn on the heat in the apartment and took to the floor last night. The heat soaking up through the floor fed my body and made me sweat out the last of the very bad toxins, so now it’s just a question of recovering from that hard fight my body had to put up against whatever bug got into me.

Hmm. I had to cancel my classes for today, which sucks but I wouldn’t teach very well with no voice, and especially if I was shaking and shuddering all through class. But I got a nice surprise just now: one of my students emailed me hoping that I am well (in amusing but also brave broken English… apparently her first email ever in English). Maybe it’s just brownnosing, but I don’t think so… silly me, I give people the benefit of the doubt, especially when they do something as brave as write email in a language not their own. How nice.

Okay… I’m about to go lie down for a bit before I eat.

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