There’s Something Wrong With This Here Ann Coulter

Of course, if you’re reading this site you probably already know that. But in case you needed a refresher, look at this article of September 18th: Ann Coulter: Here’s a traitor!

She’s taking advantage of all the possible aspects of the column that she can. For example:

  • She takes full advantage of the ignorance of her readers. Most people, it’s sad to say, are not only ignorant, but also ignorant of their ignorance. They’d rather act all self-righteous than pause to Google Pinochet and see why Coulter calls him “the great Agusto Pinochet” (which is unbelievably offensive)
  • .

  • Most people also have poor training in logic. When she writes sarcastically

    When Gen. Pinochet staged his coup against a Marxist strongman, the U.S. did not stop him ?as if Latin American generals were incapable of doing coups on their own

    she expects us to simply follow her to the (disproven) conclusion that the CIA wasn’t involved, at least in covert operations.

  • She expects her readers to be so simpleminded as to confuse a call to recognize that heartlessly undertaken actions abroad will likely be responded to by heartlessness abroad, with, “We deserved it,” which is not at all the same thing. Which many intelligent Americans have pointed out already. Which Ms. Coulter doesn’t seem to care much about.
  • She ridicules what are not leftwing but rather quite mainstream publications, and yet she herself was dropped, for being too extreme, from a comparatively rightwing forum, National Review Online. That she still has a following, it seems to me, must have more to do with her “short skirts and long blond hair” and her apparently exciting rhetoric than with anything she’s actually saying. I think
  • One cannot actually respond to a column. Ms. Coulter need not actually face criticism beyond heaping insults on those with whom she disagrees; nor need she actually explain things like calling Pinochet “great” when someone points out that he was responsible for many gross violations of internationally-recognized basic human rights. All she needs to do is make sure that her invective is coiled tight and springs forth each time she writes a column… a kind of solipsistic politics of hate, it could be called.

It’s little wonder nobody wants her speaking for them, not the mainstream right and not the libertarians. I just wonder if she will ever figure this out for herself.

Or what any of us can do for those whom she has already poisoned.

PS: Ms. Coulter, you probably will never read this, but if you do: solipsistic means “off in one’s own world, unconnected to reality.” You know, like your columns.

7 thoughts on “There’s Something Wrong With This Here Ann Coulter

  1. Re Ann Coulter:

    (1) She’s butt-ugly. Man, I wouldn’t do her with a stolen dick.
    (2) I harbor a suspicion that she pleasures herself to “Triuph of the Will”
    (3) I really, really wish she’d take up yoga and believe it protects her from shark bits.

  2. Adam:
    (1) It’s been a long, long time for me, man. I’m not sure even the sneer could turn me off of her, at least till I came to my senses. No pun intended, dammit. But… Okay, no, but seriously, man, think about her target audience. I have three letters to say: JDG. While in the wardrobe, he’s just guessing at what’s attractive… and I suppose she beats the Mommy Republicans. She’s better looking than Ma Bush, anyway, wouldn’t you agree? This is not a trick question…
    (2) What’s so unusual about…(?) er, wait, no, nothing, nothing. Nevermind.
    (3) Ha. Freudian slip! Freudian slip! You’d do her with stolen shark bits, wouldn’t you? Admit it! Or maybe bite her with stolen sharks? Damn, Sigmund, come on over here, I need a second opinion.

  3. Arrg! Ya got me, I’d gladly bite Ann Coulter with stolen sharks, although I’m afraid the bite would kill the porr sharks, as I suspect Ann Coulter bleeds highly-concentrated acid like the Aliens from the movies of the same name.

    She’s a nasty, nasty person. Pinochet, McCarthy… who else is on her dreamy guy list? Perhaps that lovably chunky il duce? We know good ol’ Adolf treated those damn Semites right in her eyes, but what about Juan Peron? General Franco? Father Coughlin?

    The English language (even the colorful version I use) is inadequate to depict the utter loathing I have for the sickening, putrid, vile, repulsive, vomit-inducing, nasty, moral-sore-ridden, pox-hag that is Ann Coulter.

  4. Upon reflection, I don’t think any language that doesn’t involve expectoration and projectile vomiting as part of its syntax is adequate to convey my loathing for Coulter.

  5. I don’t know about projectile vomiting, but there is a kind of expectoratory sound in Korean. You know the clearing-the-throat “ach” sound in the classic Eastern-European Jewish New Yorker accent? In Korean, they use it as a kind of emphasis factor. I think it’s generally used on the first vowel of the first consonant of a given word. I’m not very good at it, and when I use it, it gets laughs, but I do have the basic idea, anyway. It’s a degree indicator:

    Cheogi = “over there”
    Cheo****gi = “way over there…”
    Cheo****************************************gi = “waaaaay the hell over there!”

    So I guess you could say in Korean, “Ann Coulterneun Neo*******************************************mu shilrowoon nabbeun nyeo ida.” That’s some really bad language. But, she is pretty evil. She liked Mussolini, huh? Well, well… I bet she’d just love Kim Jong Il.

  6. I don’t KNOW that she loved Mussolini, but I woldn’t be surprised. Although he is a wee bit… Mediterranean, if you know what I mean. I don’t know if Ms. Eva Braun Coulter like the Latins as much as she does them Aryan types.

    And silly Gord! Kim is a Commie! That means he’s the fault of Clinton’s penis, or some such nonsense. Commies is bad. Fascists is gud.

  7. Kim is supposedly a Commie, but… well, in actual fact he’s just a madman running an empire, and there’s nothing like Communism up there. But, yeah, I suppose on ideological ground she would have to hate him unless he’s a fascist?

    But, I also detect a kind of shamefully self-suppressed attraction being expressed in all that hateful rhetoric. Anyone who actually thinks about Clinton’s that much must have her own motives for doing so… She’s an in-the-closet leftist-groupie, wouldn’t you say? I should think so. Who’s hotter, Rush or Clinton? *shrug*

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