Total Recall, Like, Totally

I can hardly believe it.

Yes. They made the Terminator a Governor. I thought people would have learned after that whole Reagan thing.

This puts it more clearly than anything else I can imagine:

Voters traded a career Democratic politician who became one of the state’s most despised chief executives for a moderate Republican megastar who had never before run for office. Davis became the first California governor pried from office and only the second nationwide to be recalled.

What’s next? Van Damme takes over the Pentagon? Traci Lords for President? I thought a WWF wrestler as governor of Minnesota was as ridiculous as things were going to get in the bizarre end of things… especially with the insanity of the Bush administration as it is right now. I mean, people, actors are people who learn to mimic honesty and deliver lines that are handed to them by someone else. Not to disrespect actors… hell, Schwartzenegger isn’t even much of an actor. He’s just a muscleman with good teeth who happens to get some of the less-awful action movies in Hollywood. But… governing? Is it just a desire to see more skilled liars in office that makes people vote for government?

Wait a minute… how come I am embarrassed? It’s not even my country! Oh, yeah, I know. Because American politics affects world politics and because the determining agents in American democracy seem in the majority to think a person is fit to govern by no other virtue than he’s famous and rich. That’s not democracy, it’s democrazy. And, I fear I must suggest that perhaps, more than Schwartzenegger, it’s the American people who are, in the majority, unfit to rule America. And if that offends you, you probably wouldn’t have voted for Arnold yourself… it’s true, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Total Recall, Like, Totally

  1. I’d vote for Traci Lords for president. At least when we inevitably got fucked by the government, we’d have a shot at getting it done to us by a professional.

  2. Hey. Gord. The law of game is that while conservatives are always bigots, liberals are often generous on ideological principles. Reagan democrats, McCaign democrats, now they call social democrats for Terminator? Oh, Gosh!!

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