poll #1

Results of my first weekly poll have finally been formatted to fit my page, so here they are. Please vote in the current weekly poll, which you can find lower down in the right sidebar on my blog’s main page.

What do you think? (all votes are anonymous)

me liberty or give me…

************ 11%
another beer.
************ 11%
something closely
resembling freedom and a bad enough education not to know
the difference. (3)
****************** 17%
someone to love!
***** 5%
15 minutes of
fame. (0)
a net connection,
at least. (2)
************ 11%
a little hot action
in the broom closet… or wherever. (2)
************ 11%
two latte grandes,
a tall mocha with low fat cream, and an Earl (2)
************ 11%
a piece of Gord.
all of Gord. (3)****************** 17%
of votes: 17.

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