Gee, I seem to be posting a lot about political stuff. Well, anyway, here’s one more, called WatchBlog. It’s a great multi-author blog that presents news and opinions on American politics from three different perspectives: Republican, Democrat, and Third-Party. While the scope of perspectives in American politics is rather limited in my opinion, it’s nice (and sometimes rather illuminating) to find examples and commentary on all three in the same venue.

Personally, I think the whole left vs. right thing is pretty damaging to the public’s ability to reason about political issues. But it’s what America has to work with right now, so I’m just pleased to see a source where I can see what each group is focusing on and ignoring. All of it quite strategic, mind you. The chess game… keep your eyes on the chess game, lest you look up and see the real problems that need dealing with. Wouldn’t want that, would we?

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