What are you do this day?

Test going on beside me.

“What are you do this day?”
“Ungh… eodeoggae?” ((((((((Uh… how can I….?))))))))
“I’m to go…”
“I’m go to fitness club.”
“Oh! That sound is great! How do you like it?”
“It’s great.”
“Edodeoggae?” ((((((((How the heck….?))))))))
“Eong, edodeoggae?” ((((((((Yeeeeeeeeah… how….?))))))))

Okay, it’s made up but the quality level is about the same. The testers before were a lot better, they had the whole conversation memorized… I’m damn sure if I had a Korean class in high school I’d have been doing better than that in my sophomore college classes. Actually, I was, in French, though yes that was grad school, but despite that and the linguistic connections between French and English, given the long exposure that they supposedly had to English in high school, I still think those two I just transcribed just didn’t study hard enough.

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