Wow! We DO Rock?!?

Not bad for a bunch of ajeoshis.

We placed 3rd in the local K-Rock Festival auditions, meaning our band will advance to the 2nd round, and play a song in Seoul in November, competing for a chance to play in the K-Rock festival in December. For having placed in the audition, I am told, we will get 500,000 won, which is about $600.00 Canadian. Band money exists again! Nice, as we’re talking about the next album already.

And here I was thinking the heavy metal girls in the tight clothes jiggling their tender bits would be a shoe-in for prize money… nope. We actually placed.

The details are still hazy, but it looks like we have three gigs in Jeonju next week. I’ll post here and on the Dabang website when there’s more information available. Right now I don’t know enough to say.

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