Banned in China: Your Assurance of Quality Content

The title of this post is a throwaway comment Bruce Sterling made in his lecture, “The Singularity: Your Future as a Black Hole” (mp3, video with terrible audio), in the course of mentioning that most scientists who are able to do the scary stuff that frightens Bill Joy are unlikely to be willing to take […]

Pipi Band and Po-keu Song

Yay! Lime got me a few of the CDs I asked her to order for me. Among them, 불가능한작전 by ??밴드 (Pipi Band). Often referred to as “punk,” I find them more a kind of mixture of freakiness, electronic, and rock. Apparently they spat onto a camera or the ground or something while they were […]


Sometimes I google my on name to see what other people (say, students) will see when they google my name. It kills me that in Korea, on one of the major music sites, I’m listed under “Indie Rock/Modern Rock”. It’s not surprising, since that’s the only kind of band I’ve played with here long, but […]