Bodhi Dharma’s Work Song

I recently made some updates to the Dabang Band subsite, mainly just fixing broken photo galleries but also adding song lyrics from the old archived site so they’re better formatted and more easily reachable. While I was doing that, I ran across lyrics for a few songs that never got recorded. One of them wasn’t mine, […]

다방 밴드 Flashbacks

A post announcing the publication of a memorial website for a band I played in back in Korea… plus photos from back in those days, and some reminiscences.

Taxi Blues and Other Dabang News

Here’s some surprising news! Myoung Jae, with whom I used to play in the Dabang Band, informed me that a film that played at the Busan film festival, titled Taxi Blues, is being prepared for general release in Korea. The film features a snippet of the band’s performance of the original song “Taxi Blues” (one […]

Listen To The Words

The fiendish Adam asks us this week: What are your 5 favorite lines from any song? Not the song itself, but specific lyrics that you dig, and find yourself repeating in your head. Oh, now, that’s just not fair. I listen most of the time to instrumental music, man! I mean, no singing, no words… […]

Tongueless in Jeonbuk

Well, I’m not tongueless but it feels like I have no tongue. This medicated mouthwash I’m using is making it feel as if my tongue is just not there, at least for nine of the first ten or so minutes after I use it. (The first minute, it feels as if it’s haloed in burning […]