Global Warming and The State(s) We Are In

While I don’t agree fully with this article‘s seemingly skeptical take on global warming, I do agree that science and state need to be separate, with state reacting to science’s findings (instead of dictating them) and that politics in general have no place in science.

If climate science is to have any credibility in the future, its pursuit must be kept separate from global politics. The affluent nations should support research programs that improve the theoretical understanding of climate change, build an empirical database about factors that influence long-term climate change, and increase our understanding of short-term weather dynamics. Such research is fundamental to the greenhouse gas issue. But its rewards may be greater still, for it will also improve our ability to cope with extreme weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods, whatever their causes.

I wonder if it’s politics that lead people at the Wilson Institute to be so skeptical? I don’t know where to look to find out but it seems to me that almost everyone I know who doubts that global warming is going on, significant, and a problem, is someone who is working in the oil industry, connected to it, or rich because of it.

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