Today everyone in the office took an online personality test. It’s the Jungian sort of Myers-Briggs test, where you’re assigned four letters that supposedly encapsulate your personality traits. In high school when I took this test I scored as an INFP, but with the I/E balanced at 50/50. This time, I scored as an ENFP… and I am sure on another day it’d be just as easy to score as INFP. The interesting thing was degree: I was only very slightly Extroverted, and only very slightly Feeling, while I was moderately Intuitive and rather pronouncedly Perceiving. Interesting, since I thought I would turn out to be far more Judging than Perceiving. Except I have a feeling the test scores Judging when you are good at predicting future events or tend to try to do so, while I’m rather more strongly oriented toward the present situation. Which is odd for an SF writer, but there you are.

I was joking that we should post the personality types outside our office for when students want to choose their teacher. Not that most students would have any idea what the various codes mean, but it would be funny.

If you follow the link above, you can try the test too. Go for it!

Update: I didn’t look at the personality profiles until I saw Adam’s comment, but this is funny. I am a Champion, apparently. Hmmmm.

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