Okay, so in a string of comments on a previous post, I mentioned the idea I had to get a tattoo in Korean. I toyed with the idea as something I would do if I ever left the country, to remind me of my time here.

I thought of some funny tattoos I could get. In Canada, I was thinking of getting something like, “I lived in Korea for ___ years and all I got was this lousy tattoo”… in Korean, of course. But I think I can do better than that. Here is the one that came to mind just now:
Which says, “Yes, I can read this,” followed by an Asian-styled Netspeak Smiley… the equivalent of :), for example.

(Note: I think the grammar’s right. I had “Geotseun” at first and then thought that it meant, “This tattoo can read!” but actually I think it’s correct. Anyway… it would basically look like the above… and were I to get a real tattoo I? make damn sure the grammar was right.)

Given the level of shock some people express when a non-Korean knows anything of their language, I think it’s a funny and pointed reminder of the experience of living here, at a time when the net was still new and people were also shocked at one known Asian Netspeak too. But, we’ll have to see…

I also thought of using a Hofstadterian paradox such as those in his Metamagical Themas, like “This sentence is very difficult to translate into English” written in Korean, but you know, most people don’t get why that’s a paradox so the joke kind of falls flat. Anyway…

If anyone else has any good ideas for a tattoo in Korean, please post them here. (In English! I can get it translated myself, and I’m not sure how well Hangeul will display on the computers of many people reading this page.)

Hmm… maybe this is a poll topic? Hmmmmmmmm…….

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