I just had a great idea….

… for an amazing blog. Except of course I cannot say anything about it because, well, it’s a great idea. Hell, maybe could even get some advertising and make some money? It’d be a multi-author thing and I think it might be a damn cool site either way. Better even than Jack and my idea of an Onion-like website called University of Rejection.

That came about when we were all Teacher’s Assistants (read: part-time profs) and someone’s undegrad student wrote the following sentence:

I just got my Letter, from the University, of Rejection.

This was a French student, I believe, and what he was trying to say was,

I just got my letter of rejection from the University…

but we thought it would be the most hilarious title for a website dedicated to academic spoofery. Maybe it would be the sort of thing professors and grad students would go check out occasionally for humor of the academic variety, but I think it would be difficult to actually make something like that work on a long-term scale.

Whereas, this other idea I have, I think I could make it work over a period of years, especially if I could get a few other writers in on it. There would be a few threads tying things together, and I think it could probably develop a readership pretty rapidly if it was done right. I don’t know whether I could do it myself and maintain anything like decent posting on my main blog or the other blogs I’m in on, but I would love to administrate it and post regularly… and I’d be happy to share whatever profits would come from eventual publication, on a fair per-contribution basis.

I’ll think about it a little more and write to some friends. Who knows, maybe in a few months you will see a plug for some kind of new crazy site out there? Here’s hoping. It’s creative, anyway, and I don’t think anything like it is out there yet.

7 thoughts on “I just had a great idea….

  1. I *like* the University of Rejection. I’d volunteer for the other thingy, but I have the nasty suspicion there’s going to be postmodernism involved. We have different writing tastes, you and I.

    Best of luck!

  2. No postmodernism at all. Marvin and I sow those oats over at http://www.newsophists.net so I don’t even write much about it on my own webpage. No, this is more of a creatuve venture, with one very strong but also freeing stylistic limitation. And actually it could take on game-like dimensions too, though of course constrained by certain things which I would have to administer. Though the game part of it would be more private, something that would entertain us privately as a group. The real project would be to entertain readers continuously and build up a readership.

    I’ll email you when I finally do email out about it.

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