Philosophistry and Smack

Okay, I’ve been busy with music, personal stuff, and so on. I’ve also been busy at another website where I post. I’m not posting any more today, but if you wanna see what I’ve been thinking about in a more academic vein, my friend Marvin and I are having a discussion over at our New Sophists’ Almanac page. Currently up for discussion are Postmodernism and what’s wrong with it (and Postsolipsism, which is apparently our own homegrown solution to whatever it is that’s wrong with or incomplete about postmodernism); Therapy and Therapy-Culture; the evolutionary psychology viewpoint on Click! and Ick! reactions; and a continuing discussion of Pascal Boyer’s book Religion Explained: The Evolutionary Origins of Religious Thought.

And Marvin’s new site, The Electric Smack Shack, is also worth a look!

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