Fake Futuristic Ads Of My Own

While I’m posting fake funny stuff, here are a couple of “fake advertisements” I used in my graduate thesis. They were stuck into a story. The idea for the first one was stolen from one of Bruce Sterling’s Viridian List posts. The second came from my own twisted mind.



4 thoughts on “Fake Futuristic Ads Of My Own

  1. … which aforesaid graduate thesis I have not yet seen. *poke*

    Say, what happened to that futuristic blog project of yours? *poke poke*

    Kat Feete
    GCU Successfully Avoiding Thinking About Her Own Workload By Bugging Other People About Theirs

  2. About your first ad: maybe my lip genes never fully expressed themselves in the past b/c they were shy. Will Luscia Therapeutic Lipgloss still work with shy genes?

    As for your second ad, it’s successfully convinced me. I want to be a soldier.

    So, where do I sign up? :P

  3. Ooops, Kat: I’ll try get that mailed to you today.

    Lynn: on both counts… are you sure?

    1. If you’re willing to sign this affadavit agreeing that you have read all the small print and will not pursue legal action in the case of disfigurement, injury, illness, or death resulting from the use of Luscia® Therapeutic Lipgloss, then Kangmei of Tokyo will send you the first test samples when they are made in 2031.

    2. As for the WTO/UN, we’re not sure you want to join at all. After all, the WTO/UN will not be founded until 2026, and once it is formed, most of the draftees will be young Chinese men unable to find mates in their home country, exported by the government in order to prevent trouble. That being the case, you will probably be hassled by most of your co-workers for a good time, while fighting in small-scale antiterrorist and anti-traderegulator wars all over the planet (which is not such a good time), and besides you’ll be over the average starting age of a soldier. So we think you should try another career. But thanks for your interest.

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