Absent Friends

This week’s F5 question is Morgaine‘s. Well, I’ve been thinking about absent friends – the people you just aren’t in contact with any more, for whatever reason. Maybe it was intentional, on either of your parts, maybe there is something unresolved between you, maybe you just lost a phone number or address and you would […]

A Day Out

I spent the morning writing, and once again Sala, the woman who comes to clean every once in a while, interrupted my reverie in Neil’s past. So I wrote a little more, and decided to have a day out of the house. I’m still working on how to start showing one major element of the […]

Not much to report…

…except that I’ve surpassed 123,400 words. If this were a romance novel it’d eb long enough to publish. But I have higher standards, like rounding out the plot, for example. Anyway, I think I’m either 2/5 or 3/5 finished. I just needed some time away from the PC to figure out how to fit two […]