Made it…

Hey everyone! My webmail is freaking out, but I thought I would post an update that I am here in Dharamsala and I’m fine. We arrived early in the morning, and I slept since I could sleep only very little during the night in the truck.

It was a strange experience, for a few reasons, but anyway that’s to be expected. I’m going to try find a phone because I’m to call Ritu and John and let them know I arrived safely, and the phone in the house won’t let me call them in Gurgaon.

More later, in any case. I need to eat and I also am gonna chat with the Koreans at the next bank of PCs. We had a good laugh when I heard them discussing the pronunciation of an English word and turned and giggled and then explained I teach English in Korea.

Oh, by the way, the walk into town is a little long, but the view in gorgeous. Outright gorgeous. Huge mountain slopes, trees, the faint sounds of people talking and walking together in the woods. If only there wasn’t a cow in the front yard about which I have no idea what to do… Heh.

Okay, more later.

4 thoughts on “Made it…

  1. Like what Rob said, you could eat the cow… but then you might risk being pummeled by some of the locals. ;)

    Kidding aside, the view sounds great! I wish I could look out my window at this very moment and see mountains and natural scenery instead of, well, buildings and smog. Oy.

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