Family Expansion

Well, a few days ago my sister informed me that she’s engaged, which means I am going to go to Canada in late June for the wedding. And now, today, my other sister just sent me the following image in an email:


You can guess what that means. Seems like the family will be gaining two new members in 2004. Big news! It’s exciting…

5 thoughts on “Family Expansion

  1. Sometime in August. I amwonderingwhat our family’s genetic stock will produce. Luckily, the father’s from a remote breeding stock historically, so it should be one of those good healthy exogamic babies. :)

  2. Yes. They’re much better at things like not being mutant freaks. I’ve heard from a New Guinean that they’re more delicious, too, once they’re grown up and become your mortal enemy. Inbreds taste like mouldering SPAM, while outbreds taste like a good cut of pork.

    Or was that just in a dream?

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