Dear John Wendel…

I was looking at the keywords recently used that brought people to my website, and I found something that made me laugh out loud. I’d call you right now but your phone is probably still screwed, so I’m posting it and hoping you see it. I don’t know, and can’t know, who searched for this, but someone was looking on the internet with the following search words:

Last 20 Searchengine Queries Unique Visitors

28 Feb, Sat, 04:07:45 Google: gord
28 Feb, Sat, 12:05:06 MSN Search: Art & Photos from Song of Solomon
28 Feb, Sat, 12:09:11 Yahoo: water gay sex photo
28 Feb, Sat, 14:04:30 Yahoo: child sex tour
28 Feb, Sat, 16:11:59 Google: “John Wendel” stomach sex
28 Feb, Sat, 18:00:51 Yahoo: korean band KISS
28 Feb, Sat, 21:50:48 Google: CHIM CHIMEREE LYRICS
28 Feb, Sat, 23:38:08 MSN Search: drunkening women
29 Feb, Sun, 01:48:18 Google:
29 Feb, Sun, 12:45:39 MSN Search: free young girl porn photos
29 Feb, Sun, 15:14:27 Yahoo: ripping woman photos from iraq
29 Feb, Sun, 15:46:02 Google: emule realworld
01 Mar, Mon, 00:43:33 Yahoo: esl telling time worksheet
01 Mar, Mon, 00:44:42 Yahoo: popular hangouts in seoul korea
01 Mar, Mon, 02:32:36 Yahoo: photos korean kiss
01 Mar, Mon, 05:43:21 Google: “uh uh boo project band”
01 Mar, Mon, 05:52:07 Google: gord
01 Mar, Mon, 07:00:02 Google: funny pics of a cleaning lady
01 Mar, Mon, 07:05:45 Yahoo: Jaime Escalante interview

Did you catch that Google search on Feb 28th, John? Look closely.

“John Wendel” stomach sex

Any guesses who that might be? Hahaha.

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