Impending (Temporary) Silence

I would be lying if I said it was because I was busy these days. That’s not why I’m gonna be silent for a few days here. It’s not because I can’t think of anything to say, either. It’s because, believe it or not, I have a few important things to sort out with this website, and another website I need to start building. So until that stuff is sorted out, I’m gonna be silent, not posting anything new. In a week or so, eclexys should be back in full swing, and with a whole new look (I hope); until then, you can spend time looking through that blogroll of mine that you’ve been intending for weeks to check out; or you can listen to the music under the “listen to” panel, which is going to be drastically edited when I rebuild my site; or you can just go do other things, bearing in mind to come back in a week or so and have a look around.

If all goes according to plans, it should be well worth your while. See you on the other side of all this work, then!

One thought on “Impending (Temporary) Silence

  1. Can’t wait for the new makeover! Will the dudes from Queer Eye For the Straight Guy be involved with the revamp? Hehe…

    BTW, I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while now – what does eclexys mean? Inquiring minds want to know. =P

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