Impeachment in Korea? Oh man…

Wow. Impeachment vote pending in South Korea.

The South Korean National Assembly has been adjourned until Friday after supporters of President Roh Moo-hyun blocked an impeachment vote.

What do I think? Well, I think this excerpt from the conversation I had with Charlie says it all:

Charlie: Oooh. Korean president in trouble.

GordSellar: No Mu Hyun? Oh oh… out of touch, lemme look
GordSellar: holy shit. nobody has mentioned it all day. wonder if they know at the office.
GordSellar: someone must have mentioned it, tho, while I was out. can’t imagine NOBODY knowing about this.
Charlie: Embezzling cunt.
GordSellar: they all are, though. ALL of them, even the ones screaming for impeachment. so… shrug
Charlie: I know.
GordSellar: this is bad because it’ll just destabilize korean politics more. if they start their purges only a year into presidencies, then… no praty will every stay in power long. and things will be more fucked. the young people more demoralized…. aw fuck. this has to go into my novel.
Charlie: uh-huh
GordSellar: shiiiiiiiiit.
Charlie: The world is fucked. This is why I need to go see it before it all falls down goes boom.

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