I won’t say what happiness is

… but happiness can be when you find yourself in bar in a strange country hollering out cheers in the local language and dancing with some hilarious tubby local girl who’s come up and grabbed you because it’s her big song, and when you look about and see the only other couple dancing in the bar is Thai and Kathleen and you holler attack, she joins you at full strength in a tango-styled joust-assault on them, clasped hands slamming into the couple’s sides… which is responded to with another attack in kind, until it all dissipates into silly laughter and dancing…all performed—and this may seem demented to you—to Chuck Manginone’s “Feels So Good.”

Previous to this, I had a fine snack with my friend Heather, an Iksan friend who it turns out has moved into the building next to mine, and from her found out about a good job lead for the fall… and I very nice visit (comprised of a good long walk in the park and a couple of cocktails, all accompanied by the pleasantest of sorts of conversations) with a rather wonderful friend I made on the bus back from Incheon; and I sang along (accompanied by Thai and sometimes Kathleen) to songs by Belle&Sebastian (epecially their Xmas Peel sessions), Apples in Stereo, and Yo La Tengo.

All in all, a nice evening.

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