Kassandra and Walking in the Rain

Today I got a comment from a blogger who wanted me to link to her site. I was surprised, for when I loaded up her main page, it felt like recognition… that banner, man? I remember when my banners used to look like that too. But no, that’s not it. It’s that feeling of recognition you get when you run across someone of the same tribe as you, or even just an artifact left behind by such a person.

And if you feel that about my page, then you definitely should check out Kassandra’s blog over at walking in the rain. She seems like one of those polycultural, multilanguaged, thoughtful, literary, poetical, and otherwise interesting people I’d hang out and drink coffee with if we were on, you know, the same continent or something. Hm.

The world abounds…

2 thoughts on “Kassandra and Walking in the Rain

  1. Gord, thank you for your most generous words of praise. It seems I’m fated to run into other members of my tribe at this point in my life. Siblings, friends, and those who would teach me the valuable lessons of Love. You honour me with your words, Gord. :)



  2. Neoreul managi pangapseumnida. Nado yeojeueum choheun saramdeul mannasseo, keurigo nae sengagaeneun sanghwalae keureohgae salaeun saramdeuleun uni choahyo. Nado yeojeueum manhi beyugoisseoyo. Chemi isseyo! Choahyo!

    Najungae baoyo,

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