Bikes, Sour Cream, and My Favorite Fruit

I had a great night last night, but I’m not going to post about that. Some things just don’t need to be posted about, and anyway it’s probably only interesting to me and one other person. But I will say that lime is my new favorite fruit.

However, what may be of interest is that I got a huge schwack of sour cream last night, at the OK Bakery. I’m thinking of having a Mexican food party sometime at my house. Does anyone think this is a good idea? They have tortilla shells at the OK too, and I think we could have some tacos or something. Could be great. Only problem is, I don’t have any Mexican music. Ah well, rock and Latin jazz will have to do.

I also got my bicycle repaired. The shop owner recognized the bicycle (maybe because there was a foreigner around the last time he saw it too) and asked me if I work at Jeonju University. I told him I did, and he remembered Myoung Jae and that he was Australian. Then he set to work replacing the gear on the front, which was fairly cheap (especially since he didn’t charge for labour) and giving me a longer seat post. It was a bit of a struggle, that, but we finally got it right. Now, when I pedal, I can straighten my legs completely. It is a lot more comfortable and it gives me a lot more power.

Going home after meeting fruit de lime last night, I discovered can get from Jeonbuk University, across town, to my apartment near Jeonju University, in about half an hour or maybe 40 minutes. That’s pretty damned good, in my opinion. Part of it is having found the right route: over to E-Mart, and then across the river, and over to Jeonbuk Uni. Now that I’m starting to know my way around, I should be traveling much more efficiently in the city. I wanna get to know the bike trails a little better, though, so I can zip along the river and enjoy that beauty instead of dodging cars and being honked at every ten minutes. Would be nice to cycle with a little music, too, which I daren’t do on any of the main roads.

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