welcome to korea, where english is different…

Lime quipped that the other weekend and realized I hadn’t yet posted it. She was commenting on the information sign near a temple, which in Korean was said to have been reconstructed in 1857, while in English it was rebuilt in 1875. “The English is different!” she said, and I extended it to, “Welcome to Korea, where the Englishie is different.”

Yes, I think us clever.

Shut up.

Not including travel mishaps (like almost going to PalBokDong instead of my home in JungHwaSanDong), it takes me 40 minutes to get from work to JeonBukDae Old Front Gate; it takes half an hour to get back home.

I just drank some delicious CocoPalm drink, ah, so very sweet. The drink was sweet too.

This is an extremely disconnected post. Still, I am happy anyhow.

But now it’s time for bed.

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