spending hours together in the warmth of afternoons and never feeling like it’s quite long enough. how do people from such different worlds find their ways into one another’s lives?

saw a good band live, tonight; two, actually: mine playing without me (they’re good that way) and a Seoul banmd called Zzam. got their CD; would link to them but can’t find a thing online. will try later.

sorry for the short form.we’re socializing with the band and i’m being antisocial. also hard to type with this huge finge splint. ungh.

3 thoughts on “saturday

  1. Gord,

    The Chinese call it “yuan feng,” and it’s really quite a beautiful thing. I’ve been lucky enough to experience this firsthand, and it rather feels like the divine having reaching out to touch you. May you and Annie forever know such blessings.


  2. Annie? Hahaha. Sorry, excuse my amusement. Annie’s marrying some Canadian boy named Martin; she’s my baby sister.

    The woman I’m going on and on about is, online anyway, known as Lime here. And she is quite a blessing. Thanks for your kind wishes, in any case. :)

  3. Right. Can we just call this my ultimate blonde moment? I knew this from the poem you wrote. All I did was have highlights put in my hair and now this. Agh!


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