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Here are all those links I was looking for.

Last night, Dabang Band opened (without me, due to my damned finger zam_cover.gif
problem) for labelmates Zzam (which I think they’re translating as “Drowsy Music” in English though their name is just a stylized way of writing the verb “sleep” in Korean). Anyway, they were good enough to convince me to buy a copy of their new CD, which doesn’t appear on their own CD (it’s just been released, maybe they haven’t updated yet) but which can be seen and sampled on the website hosted by their label, Cavare. Cavaret is, incidentally, the same label we’re very happily wo0rking with on our upcoming album.

But in fact last night I walked out of the bar with 4 CDs in my bag: 1 copy of the Zzam CD and 3 copies of the new CD by my friend Dae Kwi. He’s put together an EP with some sponsorship money he got somewhere, and I played sax on one of the tracks so he gave me 3 copies: one for me, one for my girl, and one for my mama. Ain’t that nice? Dae Kwi’s website is here, but like the others in this post, it’s in Korean, and structured in such a way I can’t give too many links to help you find the tracks… the page changes but the URL stays the same. SO dig around if you wanna hear some samples. The bit with me isn’t online, though… but it’s worth hearing his songs anyway.
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  1. Gord,

    Is there some way you might be of assistance in obtaining these cds? I LOVE Zzam and would dearly love to have the disk sampled on the site. Problem is, I’m nowhere near to having a working knowledge of Hangul. Not sure how else to get them. The other looks good too. I’d be eternally grateful for any help you might be.



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