Paucity Expected

I’m expecting a few days of very low-content posting here. Why?

  • I’m gonna finish writing my essay “Waxing Fanonical” on the forces that shape relationships between Koreans and white foreigners in Korea sometime this weekend or next week.
  • I’m working on a post for New Sophists’ Almanac as well, about genre and art. If you’re curious to see what I’ll be responding to, see Marvin’s recent post over there now. It’s worth a gander.
  • I’ve got to do some sax practicing this weekend, a little anyway in order to prepare for the studio sessions I’ll probably be doing on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week in Seoul. My finger’s out of the splint, and seems okay, so we’re gonna go ahead with recording as soon as possible. If playing hurts this weekend, though, we’ll have to wait till next weekend… but I think it’ll be okay.
  • I’ll be spending the weekend hanging out with Lime, who finishes her last exam around noon tomorrow. We’ve not seen a lot of one another this week, because she’s studying for the mad onslaught of exam’s they’re subjecting her to these days.
  • I wanna finally get the archive pages for this site built properly, meaning so that they don’t look like error pages.
  • I’m going to try to add some widgets and gizmos to the New Sophists’ Almanac site, something I planned on doing weeks ago, and perhaps also play with categorization schemes (on a test site, I think) and see how they work out.
  • I’m trying to get through this brilliant book on consciousness and neurology, and reading takes time.
  • I should work on my novel a bit, as well…

Damn, I’m a busy lad, aren’t I? And now I have my night class to go teach.

One thought on “Paucity Expected

  1. Is there an emoticon for a rueful chuckle? I know I’m far too ignorant to be expounding on jazz so I’m expecting to get smacked down any day now. :-)

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