The Language of Dispute

I suggested to Lime that once the “honeymoon phase” of our relationship dwindles down, we may find that occasionally we’ll have arguments, like any couple.

But, I reasoned, using either English or Korean would be unfair, as it would give one of us an unfair advantage. Given that we’re both quite smart, and both quite good at our native languages, and at arguing, I think we need something to even out the playing field…

So I suggested we use French as our language of dispute as a couple. Meaning we’ll both have to study, even together, if we’re gonna manage it. But then again, she eventually needs to learn more French (she already knows some basic French from her time in Montreal) and I wanna relearn it. For the short term, I may have a slight advantage in that my French is a little better than hers, but in the longer term, she’s younger and will catch up to me quickly, and probably learn from then on faster than I will. I did offer we could use Spanish instead, or Chinese, but Lime figured French would be the best 3rd language for her to learn, so we settled on French, at least for now…

What’s amazing is that she agreed to this crazy plan, finding it sounded like a great idea, provided I help her with her French. (In other words, provided we study it together when we have time.) Nice, how everything with this girl seems like an adventure. But for now, I’m working on my Korean.

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