Shameless Self-Promotion

Yes, I am plugging myself here for a guest post I made on a friend’s blog, which is called Dare You To Write. The post is called The Real Work and it’s about that endless question of what to do with your life when you realize you want your life to have a point, and when you start working through the question of what you need to be doing. Ah, forget the explanation. Just go read it.

One thought on “Shameless Self-Promotion

  1. Gord,

    You ask if what you’ve written is part of the “real” work of yours to come, and I can only hold the silence that is my response. Of course, you know the answer; you almost always do. Quite often I feel so very humbled by these things which issue forth from you. In such moments as these, I find myself in class, yet another of your admiring students. I most respectfully bow to you, Mr. Sellar. ^^

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