Wonderful Moments Abound Sometimes

Wonderful moments abound on some weekends:

  1. Trying the 참치 찌개 (tuna kimchi stew) that Lime made one morning to find it was absolutely delicious, wonderful, great. A perfect way to start the day, especially because I didn’t have to lie to her about how good it was… she’d gotten me worried but it was a great, great meal.
  2. Seeing my friend Nick get married. It was, I am certain, the happiest day of his life, and while I don’t know him that well, some of his happiness infected me. Too bad I forgot my camera, it really was quite lovely. Ah well.
  3. Watching the second half of Kill Bill Vol. 2 unfold—or, rather, slash—ts way across the screen in all of its bloody, magnificent glory.
  4. Meeting Lime on Sunday night, not for very long, just long enough to have a coffee and get infected with joy again.
  5. Cycling home in the dark with four or five kilos of kimchi strapped to the back of my bicycle. I am not kidding. Lime has a very kind friend who, knowing I was a foreign unmarried man, felt very sorry for me and presented Lime with a massive dietary supplement for me: 물 김치, 배추 김치, 갯잎 김치, and 된장 (I am sure there are spelling errors, so those are water-kimchi, cabbage kimchi, sesame leaf kimchi, and fermented soybean paste, respectively). Pushing the pedals through the dark, feeling this precious load weighing down my bicycle, was absolutely wonderful.
  6. Pausing at the end of the bridge, waiting for the light to change, and seeing the skyline reflected in the “river” (it’s more of a creek, but anyway). I thought of photographing it, but then just savoured it instead. I’ll snap it next time, I thought to myself.
  7. Sitting on my floor with a book in hand and absolutely nothing else to do.
  8. Realizing how I can re-structure my novel losing very little of the story, but telling it more effectively in a shorter amount of time.
  9. Writing a little piece for a friend’s blog, and realizing that yes, I need to sit down Monday night and hammer out two pieces of writing: one on moral philosophy (specifically the implications of compassion) and one on the outsourcing controversy—a draft of the essay I’ll submit to the Shell/Economist contest.

2 thoughts on “Wonderful Moments Abound Sometimes

  1. Hey, Adam, it was good to meet you too. Thanks for the link, the photos are lovely. And yeah, I presented Nick and Kyung-ju a framed copy of it. I hope they like it.

    See you later! And I’ll send you an email address of someone who maybe can hook y’all up with some floor hockey…

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