Essay Hijinks

Well, over the weekend there was one other thing I did, which was to mark my writing class’ essays. I caught one plagiarist out of two possibles; one guy I am semi-certain cheated somehow, but I can’t find his report on the net. The other guy’s movie review was two separate reviews from the Net, copied and pasted together. I’m giving the proven cheater an F in the class. It’s downright insulting.

But there was, among the day-late submissions, one essay that knocked my socks off as far as the quality of thought and humor that went into it. I will leave out the student’s name but I’m going to post the full content of this essay here.

The title is: most peoples are very selfish just likes me.

I try to be the best person I can be,but I’m constantly letting myself down. Human nature is largely something that has to be over com. Lots of the little thing in life that give me pleasure are usually connected with some one else’s misfortune. Not big misfortunes, not even misfortune, more inconveniences little victories in my life that keep me going. before you start to hate me, let me live you a few examples and see if they sound familiar.

i’m staying in a hotel, and while walking down the corridor I always peek in other people’s hotel rooms to see if they are nicer than mine. If their room is nicer , I rationalize to my self, It’s just a room I’m going to be sleeping in it
most of the time. However. if my room is nicer, I think, HaHa, I got a better room, ha ha ha. I revert to a seven years old and say “ha” for a long time. we all know life is not fair but restaurant service should be. when I sit down fifteen minute after me get served first, I’m furious, unless I’m the later person who has gotten served. I don’t say, I’m not eating until the people who got there. before me are take care of. I eat. I eat, and it’s especially delicious.

when I’m driving down the street and see someone else fixing a flat tire, I sit a little taller, I know someday that will be me out there, it hasn’t happened yet, so I’m still able to smile.

It’s a comedic masterpiece, I tell you! Too bad most of the essays were much less exciting than that.

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