CD Launched, and a Bizarre Government Office

Well, my band (Dabang Band) has finally launched out new CD, which is titled Product. Our label’s page has a popup window announcing the release. Our page on the Cavare website has a couple of samples you can listen to, including Green Leaves, Delerium, and the first track on the album, The Deep End (which I am happy about, as that’s one of my two songs on the CD). All the lyrics are also viewable on the site. My two goofy sets of lyrics are Jeonju Zoo (it’s real title is Jeonju Jew) and Deep End, if you’re curious. I tend to write the silly, goofy songs in our band.

To celebrate the launch we had a concert-filled weekend, including two performances in Seoul and one in Jeonju. The first Jeonju show was an outdoor event, at the Hong Ik Dae Flea Market, a funny little area of Seoul where a lot of odd, artsy-alternativey young people seem to hang out. Our second show was at the new location of Club Bbang… we were the first to ever play at that new location. It was so new that the club still had tools all over the place, and some of our musician friends helped in the cleanup effort to get the place ready for the show. It was sadly a little poorly attended, but the people who did come had fun and enjoyed one of our sloppiest, but most exciting, performances in a long time. (We were supported by our good friends The Plastic People, the guitarist/singer of which is our producer, Min Gyu.)

Then, Sunday night, we played a show at the new location of Jeonju’s Led Zeppelin club. I think we may have been the first band to play in that new location, too. It’s an upstairs venue, which is nice, but there was no air conditioner and there are no open windows anywhere, so it got incredibly hot in the concert hall, especially on stage under the lights. But it was a good show, and thank goodness, because it was the first time Lime saw us perform. She seemed impressed.

After the show, she and I went for a coffee and as we walked down the street, she pointed out to me the most bizarre sign I’ve seen in a long time. It was a “Lose-Belly-Fat-A-Thon” thing that people could sign up to join. And who was the organizer of this event? None other than the Jeonju City Health Department’s “Belly Fat Center”. I am not kidding you, that is the name of that “Center”, at least directly translated. I’ve been thinking about whether I can find a more dignified translation for that office’s name, but it doesn’t seem possible without losing some of the sense. This center is directly concerned with reducing the belly fat of Jeonju citizens.

What they need is a “Crazy-Assed Psychotic Drivers Center,” I think.

Anyway, I have a couple of days to get all my last stuff done here before leaving for Canada; Lime’s studying during the next few days, and I have tonight to myself as she has a test Tuesday morning. So I should go get my day going… today I’ll enter my grades and then I’ll be done with everything to do with school until August.

By the way, no word on housing yet. I wonder what’s going to happen with that, though I have a couple of possible backup plans I can work through before the worst case scenario emerges, and even that worst case scenario would be (for a while) livable.

3 thoughts on “CD Launched, and a Bizarre Government Office

  1. These songs sound really good. For some reason they strike me as being outtakes from an imaginary longer version of the Kill Bill soundtrack!

  2. Thanks. Probably it’s the Spanish flair to Green Leaves that makes you think of Kill Bill. Anyway, you’ll be able to judge that for yourself. I’m bringing you a CD. Heh.

  3. That’s part of it, but there’s also a backing vocal on one of the songs that sounds a lot like “Woo Hoo” by the’s. Anyway, it’s good stuff!

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