Shilla Tomb Stuff

If you ignore the whackjob comments that some people made, and focus on the first news item, it’s interesting to see the extent to which trading in artifacts seems to have impacted on the Shilla court in Korea. Check it out.

(PS: Yes this is under Gord’s life. I’m planning on making a new category for posts on Koreana, but until I hardwire it into the site they’re gonna be invisible once they fall of the main page. So for now all Koreana posts go into that category.)

2 thoughts on “Shilla Tomb Stuff

  1. Heya Gord! That’s fantabulous news! So you’re officially a rock star! ;P I really, really like that Delirium song. I love the use of the saxophone (is that the saxophone?) and I have a feeling that those high ‘woo woo hoo hoo hoos’ in the background during the chorus part are gonna be stuck in my head all day. =) Heh, The Deep End has some funky lyrics and some great guitar riffs (and is that the saxophone I hear again? yay – rock music nowadays needs more sax!).

    Okay, sorry for the excessive use of smilies and exclamation marks. It’s not everyday someone you know (well, virtually at least) gets a record deal! So, big fat congratulations on the release of your new CD!

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