What Color Terrorist?

Brownish, it seems. At least, to John Ashcroft’s mind. Why else would he ignore white, right-wing terrorist threats? They’re not Islamic, is that it?

And the Justice Department, meanwhile, thinks that Green and Animal-Rights Activists are the worst domestic terror threat… huh? And Ascroft subpoenaed what? Ah, yes:

a few months ago he took the unprecedented step of subpoenaing the hospital records of women who have had late-term abortions.

That’s exactly what needs doing when the nation’s mired in an an occupation of a foreign country which is going badly, and facing a campaign year. Now it’s back to abortion, is it?

If only people would make the connection that voting for these people is voting for being exploited by these people, and that sharing bigotries is no good reason to vote in people who’re gonna screw you economically and institute repression in your society.

If only.

Thanks to John Wendel for once again sending me a worthwhile article. I swear he needs to just create a blog and post these things so that we can just grab the feed. I bet he’d be a great newsblogger.

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