Which Glasses Are You Wearing?


The Grand Canyon is an awesome display of God’s creation and a place to find and explore the wonders of His creation. If we visit the Canyon, or read the prevailing interpretive literature about it, we will find that the views presented are predominantly based on evolutionary theories. These theories tend to deny God’s involvement and often His very existence. When viewed from a biblical perspective, however, the Canyon has “God” written all over it. Not only is the Canyon a testimony to creation but it also presents evidence of God’s judgment of a world broken by the sin of man, known as “the Fall,” as told in the book of Genesis.

That’s right. The Grand Canyon was caused by The Great Flood. At least, if you’re wearing your “Biblical glasses”, as opposed to your “rational scientific sane secular reality-assessing premise-question thinking human being glasses”, or something. Hahaha.

You know what I have to say in reply to that? Another quote:

Naw, dude, I think I got it. I think God put you here to test my faith.
—Bill Hicks

3 thoughts on “Which Glasses Are You Wearing?

  1. I’ve always figured that if God existed, then science and him would get along. I mean, why wouldn’t God use the laws of physics that (S)He (Her)Himself created to build us a cozy little Earth?

  2. Right. I have always thought that “supernatural” explanations are simply theories by people who should instead they admit they don’t know how something happened. And that if God did exist, God would have designed the laws of nature; it’s not that God wouldn’t be above those laws, I suppose, as much as that they’re so elegant that I cannot understand why direct intervention would ever be undertaken.

    It seems to me people are just too eager to cling to outmoded explanations of the world; just as the Christian right “co-opts” the idea of God to justify hatred in America, these Creationists use God as an excuse to believe in the most ridiculous model of history available in recent history.

  3. Or maybe it’s just fear? If there is a Creator, after all, as many people sense, the Creator could of one of a huge and bewildering number of dispositions. Maybe people who by default believe in a Creator immediately leap to the one they feel comfortable with because the other possibilities are just too scary? Just a thought.

    I’m also testing my comments function; since I rebuilt I haven’t gotten a one and I wanna make sure it’s just my poor readership, and not a malfunction in the database…

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