blog probs

I filled up my webspace with pics from my digital camera which I was saving for myself while on holiday.

Turned out the space got so full some of the tables in my database were damaged, and my blog went wonky for a while. It should be okay now, except that the kind of damage caused means I need to re-import everything, from entries to all of my damnable little templates. So it might be a while before my format is fully restored. I’m almost thinking of re-doing my templates and stylesheets, but… I can’t be arsed for now.

*** Update: well, it’s been about an hour, and it looks like everything is working again. I happily discovered:

  • That when you delete a “blog” on MT all you’re doing is deleting the connection between the html pages and the database. The HTML pages aren’t deleted; nor are the exported template files, as long as you have linked them to text files. And of course all your images and stuff are still there. So if you recreate the blog using the same structure, it seems you can simply just reassociate all the template stuff to the already-extant files, and it should all go on as before. Whee!
  • That doing all of this is easy and can be done very quickly.
  • That creating test blogs for things like template updating is so very easy that nobody should be discouraged from doing so. I think I’ll do that and spend an hour a day for the next week just trying out new formats for my blog. I’m getting sick of this grey stuff, and would like to have a more interesting background, as well as doing funny things to the blockquotes and so on.

But for now, I have to re-import my image blog and my Korean blog. I also think that I’m going to prioritize posting images from my two last international trips (to India, and to Canada/Texas) above the task of redoing the layout. Some people have been waiting months to see these pics, and I have been waiting months to post them… Hopefully by the end of the week they should all be up.

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