On Censorship the Civil Society letter: PUBLISHED!

For those who don’t reread old posts, you’ll miss a big update here, so I’m re-posting the info here… my letter to the Korea Times was published, at least on their website, under the Thoughts of the Times column, and you can view it here.

Ooops, except I guess they found a title a little harsh: “Censorship, Paternalist Disdain, and the Civil Society” they changed to “Censorship and Civil Society.” Ah well… The rest of the text looks intact.

3 thoughts on “On Censorship the Civil Society letter: PUBLISHED!

  1. Nice to get a letter published.
    I remember a few years ago The Korea Times published John Tallman’s letter about Korean toilets and poo.
    Since then toilets have really improved, so you might have helped make a change in Korean ideas on censorship too!

  2. Oh, I daren’t be as optimistic as that. If my letter achieves even half the change John’s letter did, then I will be shocked.

    On the other hand, getting some idea out there does feel good. I am just hoping the writer of the original letter read it and thought about it.I emailed him to let him know I’d responded publicly but he sent nary an email, nothing in the way of a response, and he didn’t draft a response letter. Hmmm.

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