Draft Work Coming Along, and HHGG teaser is out too. How Satisfying.

I’ve gotten most of my first draft (er, sort of second draft) done on the essay. I’s not really an essay as much as a pair of short opinion pieces by characters who really disagree. Anyway, the first one I wrote almost completely, and then I wrote a lot of the second one. Then I went back and rewrote the first one completely, and it’s a hell of a lot smoother, more believable, and stronger. Now I just need some time to rethink and rewrite the second opinion piece, and I will have that time tomorrow evening, given than I’m off homework duty!

So for those who are in a position to be hit up for comments, I’ll hopefully be sending the dreaded massmail tomorrow evening, Korean time.

After all that writing, I did a little more catching up with my bloglines subscriptions, and on ill-sorted ephemera I found a link to the Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy movie teaser. Looks like maybe they didn’t do a major hash of the film… maybe? We’ll see in 2005, I guess. I s’pose by then I’ll have read the whole series.

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