On Penrose’s New Book.

Here’s a review of physicist Roger Penrose’s new book. I won’t spin out all of what I think about Penrose, but I will say that despite the fact I admire his dedication to the ability of “everyman” to understand what the hell he’s talking about, he sometimes also talks about stuff that, it seems to me, he’s pulling straight out of his arse. When I attended a talk by him, I got this impression very clearly; he was pushing the microtubules-in-the-brain-quantum-computing stuff and I got the feeling nobody in the room was biting. He fielded some pretty harsh questions, which I thought were fair. Ah well. Anyway, his new book is huge and this review seems at least sort of favorable.

I found this over on Arts & Letters Daily.

2 thoughts on “On Penrose’s New Book.

  1. When Penrose writes about physics, he is very very good indeed. I’m reading his new book at the moment and thoroughly enjoying it – it’s not only readable but even those of us pretentious enough to consider ourselves physicists can learn from it.

  2. Well, but people told me that about _The Emperor’s New Mind_, and the prose was, well, dry but understandable. It was all that absolutely crazyassed math that I couldn’t follow. Not for an inch.

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