Introducing my friend Charlie.

I know I’ve mentioned him before, but never with any kind of picture.

My friend Charlie is crazy. Crazy, that is, in the fact that he’s going to circumcycle Australia. That is, he’s gonna cycle all the way around Australia, apparently with side trips as well. He’d gonna take a freakin’ long time to do it, and he bought a special trike to do it on.

engine.JPG Can you see the gleam in his eye? I think it’s merely the anticipation of the trip. He’s following through on an adventurous promise he made himself years ago, and I am definitely proud of him for it. I hope he’s going to blog the experience, as he once suggested he might do.

If you’re in Australia and would like to meet a crazed, wonderful, hilarious, decent, and indecent man, just watch the highway. Er, or tell me, and I’ll let him know. No promises, though… he was born for the road, don’t you know. Damn, I wish I could stream “Born to Be Wild” on this page. An acoustic version, fitting to his travel being driven by muscle power instead of petrol.

Ah well. It’s one of those amazing things that my friends do that remind me anything is possible.

2 thoughts on “Introducing my friend Charlie.

  1. Hey, that Kenny G shit is worse than anything straight-out acoustic, including Jimi Hendrix covers by string quartets.

    Got any pics for me to post yet? Damn, I have a bunch of pics to post myself, but I’m too busy trying to rewrite this damned essay tonight to get anywhere near posting them. Argh!

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