The Best Kind of People?

Is it really a surprise when Sarong Party Girl says the best kind of people in the world are sluts? I just heard the other night, a smoker declaring that the most sociable, companionable, agreeable people in the world are smokers.

To this I say, well, maybe. But you have to remember the Avian Rule: in Koreanized Chinese, 유유상종 (Yu-Yu Sang Jong). In English, that’s, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Sluts tend to get along well, and appreciate one anothers’ highjinks well. Sluts together, if they are aware of one anothers’ sluttiness, are a recipe for shared mutally consented fun. Sluts among non-sluts are a recipe for disaster, broken hearts, unplanned pregnancies on the part of the unwitting, and so on.

Smokers tend to get along with one another, that’s for sure. Begging one another for cigarettes and lighters, sitting about puffing their poisons, it’s a kind of social lubricant for them; it’s a welcome break from work or band practice, a great way to pass time together, like sharing a meal. Introduce a non-smoker, or even an asthmatic like myself into the mix, and most smokers turn into inconsiderate jackasses who waste a lot of time (their own and others’) getting their fix and making it hard to breathe.

As for me, I know that I tend to find bookworms to be the best people. Lime’s a bookworm, after all, and one of the best people I know here. Of course, she’s also a little shy with strangers, sometimes, and quiet, and tends to prefer talking about all kinds of things to getting drunk and blabbing about stupidities. So I realize that for others, bookworms may not be, objectively speaking, the best kind of people.

But I think objectively the kind of people who cause the most happiness and comfort among others, regardless of their sexual or smoking or reading habits, are the ones who don’t tend to believe in an objectively “best kind of person”, who are considerate and treat people nicely. And I think most people would accept that kind of measurement as a fair one when trying to figure what’s best in people.

3 thoughts on “The Best Kind of People?

  1. You’re absolutely right. One man’s meat, another man’s poison (is there a chinese saying for that?) The best sort of people really are the sort that try to accept other people for what they are. The sluts I know just happen to coincide with that category :) (but I really shouldn’t be classifying, should I.)

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